251 MacDougal St, Brooklyn NY 11233

251 MacDougal Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233

Founding Principal
Ms. Robin Williams-Davson
Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
~Est 2013~

Welcome Families, Students and Friends to the Home of Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School

Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School will proudly open its doors to students in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. We are a new small school opening in September 2013 serving Pre-Kindergarten-Second grade students. When we reach full scale we will serve Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade.

At Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School students will have choice in how they learn and a voice in what they are learning. Students in all grades with different learning needs will be involved in decisions about their learning in and out of school. When students have a choice in their own learning, they are motivated, engaged and eager to complete tasks assigned. When students have a choice in their own learning, they are more committed to their work resulting in significant gains.

Empowering students to use their voice creates a culture in which students are often consulted, and take a lead in shaping their own instructional experiences. Allowing students to use their voice develops students as leaders and is at the heart of student’s full potential. When students have a voice in how they learn, they become advocates for themselves and others. Having voice will give our students the skills necessary to become independent thinkers. It will allow unique perspectives and give students an opportunity to take ownership of their own learning. Our "Brooklyn Landmarkers" will learn how to have informed views on issues locally and globally and know how to contribute individually and as part of a group.

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